AU Inspire Terms & Conditions

  • The initial rental payment is due in full on delivery and the Rental Agreements Commence on the delivery date for the property.
  • Rental payments can be done by cash or card.
  • The customer is fully responsible for the rented furniture. All the items need to be returned to AU Inspire in the same condition as they were received. In case of breakage, tear, or any other damage incurred by the customer during the rental period, the customer will be required to cover the cost of cleaning, repair or replacement of the damaged items.
  • Delivery and pick up can only be made by the delivery company selected by AU Inspire.
  • The customer will be required to acknowledge the receipt of the rented items by signing the delivery receipt.
  • The rented furniture cannot be removed from the address to which it has been delivered without the written consent from the AU Inspire.