As you prepare to sell your home, the items on your to-do list begin to pile up, which probably leaves you wondering whether investing in home staging will actually be worth it. For most Melbourne properties; vacant ones especially, home staging is pivotal.

It has been found that home staging can lead to a 5-10% increase in the final sale price. But, why is that the case?

Primarily, it comes down to the fact that home staging accentuates the properties finer points.

Staging has been found to be the best way for buyers to be able to visualise their life in a home—which is more difficult in vacant homes.

Staging allows buyers to be able to visualise the space more accurately. Around 90% of people are unable to see the potential of a home when it is empty—this means that the vast majority of the market enter vacant homes unable to visualise their life in it (which can be a determining factor in their likelihood of putting in an offer).

Additionally, empty rooms show the flaws and look smaller. Staging can help distract from things that may turn buyers off by bringing new life into the home. It can also distract from small or awkward floor plans. Professional staging brings out the best in a property, by showing how furniture can fit in a room, showcasing the optimal layout of a home and hiding any awkward areas.

House purchasing is a very emotional process. Vacant homes can feel cold and lifeless (particularly in rooms with less natural light). Buyers who feel this way are unlikely to want to put in an offer. Rather, buyers want to feel immediately comfortable and, well, “at home” in the property. Adding complementary furniture and textiles gives the home a positive feeling. A buyer viewing an empty home who cannot visualise its potential is likely to feel, just that, empty. Staging removes this element, leaving buyers feeling content and impressed with the quality of the home.

The real estate market is changing; gone are the days of simply sticking a sign in the front yard or placing an ad in the newspaper. These days; it is all about having stunning photos online to attract buyers to open houses. Staged homes look better and more attractive to buyers in photos and quality staging helps to distinguish it from other, similar houses.

As vacant properties tend to sit longer on the market, buyers may assume that you are more motivated to sell and therefore submit a lower offer. Getting a fair price for your home, and also getting it sold faster is more likely if your property has been professionally staged in such a way that buyers don’t struggle to picture their life in it.

Here at AU Inspire, we recognise the importance of staging homes in a manner that, not only showcases the home in a positive manner but will also appeal to a wide variety of buyers. Our staging is not too modern, but nor is it too homely. We work with the home to make it shine.

Home staging is essential for vacant homes in Melbourne’s competitive property market. Staging makes vacant homes seem full; not only of furniture but also of the love, light and happiness buyers desire.